Are you techno-panicked ?

Recently I had the wonderful fortune of becoming an aunt to a beautiful niece. Being the first grandchild in my family everyone has been itching to see every little aspect of her ever increasing growth. With my sister choosing a permanent residence a few hours from home, the internet became a way to share images and videos of the day to day shenanigans of the newest member of our family. The first few months were a world wind of photos being uploaded to Facebook every few days as the little tyke seemed to do something post worthy with every new face or poopy diaper she made. This explosion of videos and photos came to a sudden halt about  a month ago. Curious by the removal of almost all things my niece on my sisters profile, I decided to call my sister to inquire into this strange conundrum. To my surprise she had almost completely removed all photo and video evidence of my niece due to concern from other parents about the recent perils of posting photos of children online.

To post or not to post, that is the BIG question!

As with my sister, lots of people today are using social media sites as practically online baby books. Documenting literally EVERYTHING their children do.

The Online Mom posted a list of great tips when it comes to posting photos of your children online.

1) Rub-a-dub-dub no babies in the tub!
-nothing nude belongs on the net

2) Hey! I know that park!
-avoid having any photos with any kind of logo or signs that can be used to identify the location or something personal about your child

3) Just Ask
-if the photos involve any other parent’s child, ask if they approve if you intend to post the photo

4) That’s Private, don’t touch!
-Facebook privacy settings aren’t all there cracked up to be, be careful with how you handle the things you post

Why so worried?

According to the New York Times there are two situations with parents and the World Wide Web. Some are completely fine with posting anything child related on the net. Others are cautious with the dangers faced on the web. The parents who to tend to air on the side of caution are applying methods like only posting photos on password protected website and not posting their child’s name. In an article posted by CNN they reported

“66% of parents reported posting picture of their children online…”

What do you think, are we to open with the information and photos we share of our children online?

After my sisters crack down on the photos uploaded of my niece. She asked family and friends to please stop uploading photos of my niece taken from their smartphones. The reason, a little thing called geo-tagging.


Geotagging you may be asking, what is that? Geotagging is when you take a picture or video on your smartphone and your geographical location is saved in the digital files of the media. Geotagging automatically happens on almost all smartphones with a camera. According to ABC Science the file not only stores data such as the date and time the photo or video was taken but it can also store extra information like your exact latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates. Depending on how much data your phone saves, the name of the place you are may be saved along in the file.

Below is a video explaining geotagging and the risks it poses on the privacy of not only you but your family. This one tiny feature can become a cyber-stalkers dream.

To stop your phone from geotagging everytime take a photo or video you must scour through the settings on your smartphone to turn it off.

For easy instructions on how to turn off geotagging on the IPhone, Google Android or Blackberry smartphones, visit:


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